The Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base is an ongoing project to preserve and publish the life work of Geshe Michael Roach, one of the modern world's most prolific teachers of Buddhism, yoga and meditation. The Knowledge Base was launched in August 2010 featuring hundreds of classes and thousands of pages of translations. It will serve as the primary publishing and distribution channel for Geshe Michael and his senior teachers translations, teachings, and books.

Asian Classics Input Project
ACIP's mission is to find, preserve and disseminate ancient Indian and Tibetan scriptures. ACIP searches the world for Tibetan and Sanskrit texts which are then cataloged, scanned, and typed in. After being checked for accuracy, the digitized texts are distributed worldwide for free.

Asian Classics Institute
ACI is dedicated to the serious study and personal practice of the original teachings of the Buddha. Established by Geshe Michael under the spiritual direction of his own Lama, ACI has captured the heart of the Six Great Books of Buddhism in a series of 18 Formal Study Courses for the next generation of Tibetan Buddhist teachers. These courses are offered without charge and have been downloaded by thousands of people worldwide.

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center
Diamond Mountain is a 1000-acre Buddhist retreat center in Southern Arizona, two hours east of Tucson. DMU offers courses three times a year in five-week terms, free of charge. It is also a retreat center, with volunteers working hard to build retreat cabins for long-term and short-term meditation retreats.

Yoga Studies Institute
YSI is a non-profit educational institute that thoroughly grounds students in the classical tradition of yoga. The program reunites the "outside" methods (working with the physical postures and breath) with the traditional "inside" methods (ethical living, meditation, philosophical training, and correct worldview) into a powerful synthesis the ancients called "royal yoga."

Star in the East
Geshe Michael founded SIE with the intention to reinvigorate the Wisdom branch of Christianity. Inspired by new translations of the Gospels of Thomas and the New Testament, SIE teaches the principals of karma and emptiness to a Christian-minded audience. SIE workshops offer authentic trainings in deep prayer and meditation to church groups as a complement to their existing Christian practice.

A blanket organization for Geshe Michael's projects, the Worldview website offers information and links about groups and teachings worldwide.